Vecoxan 2.5 Litre


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Vecoxan is a preventative measure for use in herds and flocks that have a history of coccidosis. If there is no recent and confirmed history of clinical coccidiosis, the presence of coccidia in the flock or herd should be confirmed by faecal sampling prior to treatment

Dose rates for Vecoxan

1 mg diclazuril per kg body weight (i.e 1 ml of the oral suspension per 2.5 kg body weight), in a single oral administration for both lambs and calves. Read the package leaflet before use.

Withdrawal Period for Vecoxan

Vecoxan has a zero day withdrawal for both lambs and Calves

Features of Vecoxan

  • Prevention of Coccidosis
  • For use on both calves and lambs
  • Easy to use drench

This Product is only licensed for sale in the Republic of Ireland

Vecoxan 2.5 Litre