Doxstar Pro 2LT


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DoxstarPro is a concentrated formulation controlling all species of docks in established grassland.

Docks are a major problem in grassland and can have serious impacts on productivity and palatability of forage. Docks compete with grass for light nutrients and moisture thus reducing grass yields. They have only 65% of the feed value of good grass and are generally unpalatable to livestock. Docks are a long-term problem and therefore require a long-term solution!

  • DoxstarPro can be used in hay meadows, silage fields and grazing pastures offering benefits in both yield and forage palatability.
  • DoxstarPro is translocated to the roots ensuring high levels of long-term control.
  • Flexibility with rates to meet your demand: full rate of 2.0 L/ha or two applications of 1.0 L/ha, one in the autumn with a follow up in the spring.
  • Grazing livestock can be returned to the field just 7 days after application and will not affect the growth of your grass.
  • Apply at optimum stage when actively growing for best control of docks. If docks are past the optimum spray size, then top and allow 2 - 3 weeks re-growth before spraying DoxstarPro.

Maximise success – do it with PRIDE 

Product: The addition of triclopyr means long-term control of both broadleaved and curled docks is far better than using fluroxypyr alone. Also gives excellent control of chickweed.

Rate: Use at 2.0 L/ha or twice in the same year at 1.0 L/ha. Apply in a water volume of 300 L/ha. If dock numbers are high, or if the grass sward is dense, increase to 400 L/ha. Reducing water volume to speed up spraying operations, leads to poorer long-term                    control of docks.

Information:  Use on grassland for grazing or silage, hay or haylage. Take stock out during spraying then return to the field no sooner than 7 days later. Allow 4 weeks after spraying before cutting for the highest levels of long-term control of docks. If using DoxstarPRO after  cutting, allow 2-3 weeks for sufficient weed regrowth to occur.

Density: DoxstarPRO is not approved for use by hand-held equipment, e.g. knapsack or lance. Choose GrazonPRO for these uses. For best results target actively growing docks in the rosette stage and up to 200mm across or high.

Environment: Avoid treating docks suffering from waterlogging, drought stress, cold stress and disease, e.g. Ramularia

Doxstar Pro 2LT