Crystalyx Sheep Extra High Energy 22.5kg Red


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Crystalyx Extra High Energy is a feed tub that can be used all year round to provide supplementation for ewes, rams and lambs. High in protein, energy and with a full complement of minerals, trace elements and vitamins, Extra High Energy and forage can be all you need to operate a highly effective and profitable sheep rearing system.

Flushing and Tupping: Crystalyx Extra High Energy has been proven by Newcastle University and Kansas State University to increase forage intake by 15% and forage digestion by 10%, the increased intake and digestion is key in ensuring that ewes reach the correct body condition score quickly before mating with the ram. Over fat or thin ewes take longer to come on heat when rams are turned in, and the oestrus period is erratic with fewer eggs shed and are thus more likely to be barren.

Mid Pregnancy Feeding: Should aim to keep ewes in top condition, loss of condition while pregnant will jeopardise placental development and reduce body reserves available for milk production. Trials conducted at Newcastle University found that ewes with access to  Crystalyx Extra High Energy maintained better condition than ewes on grass alone, and their lambs subsequently had a 5% higher growth rate.

Weaning and Finishing Lambs: Weaning can often be a stressful time for lamb’s and many can lose condition due to no longer receiving the nutrients once contained within their mothers milk. Providing lambs with Crystalyx Extra High Energy after weaning provides all the supplementary nutrients necessary to balance grass and make up for the loss of the ewes milk. The high levels of sugar present in Crystalyx stimulates the rumen allowing the lamb to consume and digest more forage resulting in improved growth rates.

Optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility while providing all essential mineral, trace elements and vitamins

  • Increases ovulation rates and lamb numbers at scanning
  • Maintains body condition during pregnancy to maximise lamb vitality and health
  • Reduces the risk of twin lamb disease
  • Optimises lamb birth weight to produce healthy vigorous lambs
  • Enhances ewe milk production for improved lamb daily weight gain


Feeding Guidelines


2x 80kg tubs/100 sheep

2x 22.5kg tubs/40 sheep

Always place a minimum of 2 tubs per group to avoid bullying

Typical intakes: 40-60g/ewe/day

Available in 22.5kg tubs

Crystalyx Sheep Extra High Energy 22.5kg Red