Clipex EcoPost 1.5mtr 2 clip (dairy post)


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Clipex EcoPost 1.5mtr 2 clip (dairy post)

The Clipex EcoPost is an economical, ECO friendly high tensile post that has been specifically designed to offer an entry level fence post design to suit the most popular hinge jointed stock fence, plain or barbed wire fence applications.

This 2-clip post has been designed to suit hinge jointed 8-80 products with two rows of barbed, or line wire, the clip centres may suite other wire patterns.

Clipex fence posts suit a range of different soil and bedrock types. They are narrow enough to fit between stones where the bedrock is very near the surface in places such as the Burren. The small footprint of the posts will not damage the sensitive bedrock in protected areas as much as other fence posts could. 

In areas of deeper soil cover the triple flanges offer great resistance to movement keeping them as secure as wooden posts. The unique design of Clipex posts makes driving them into almost any soil type easy.

Sold in a bundle of 5. For larger quantities please contact 049 9527944

Clipex EcoPost 2 Clip Properties

  • Suitable for dairy
  • Galvanised coating: 600grm/m2
  • Grade: 450 steel (high tensile)
  • Steel gauge: 3.0mm
  • Steel Tensile strength: 520-620 N/MM2
  • Elongation: 26-34%
  • 5 posts per bundle 
  • For larger quantities please contact our customer advisors on 049 9527944​

Clipex EcoPost 1.5mtr 2 clip (dairy post)