Clipex Eco Driver Sleeve


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This Clipex Eco Driver Sleeve is used to protect the top of the Clipex Eco posts when driving them into the ground. Place the sleeve over the Eco post and drive until the post touches the ground. This is the recommended distance in the ground that the post should be for a standard stock fence. It also means that your fence will be a nice and even height.  A machanical driver or hammer can be used to hit the top of the sleeve.

Benefits of Clipex Fencing

Clipex fence posts have a life span of approximately 30 years. The posts are made of high tensile steel, minimum of 450 grade. The pins on the clips are riveted with a 10-tonne press so that there are no fiddly bits that will come loose or get lost. Posts will not split when been driven into the ground nor will clips get damaged from post drivers or animals as they sit well inside of the perimeter of the post.

​Fence maintenance during the lifespan of Clipex fencing is drastically less than other fence types. Should wire need to be restrained or replaced it is a much simpler job than with wooden fence posts. Wire simply needs to be unclipped to move posts or wire, or for wire to be restrained. The fence posts can easily be relocated during their lifespan.

Clipex fence posts can be recycled at the end of their life.

Unlike the preservatives used in wooden fence posts Clipex fence posts do not have any harmful chemicals that will leech into your soil and river systems. 

No chemicals mean they are safer for humans to handle when erecting, and for animals that may rub against them. 

Even the length of service and ease of erecting the fencing system is less costly to both you and the environment. Being able to use them for longer periods of time means less replacing, less items being discarded, less manpower needed to replace them.

Clipex fence posts take less manpower and time to erect them than traditional fencing. No specialist tools or tradespeople are needed to understand or erect them. Also as there are no staples or hammers needed it is a much faster and safer undertaking.

Clipex fence posts are much easier to erect in challenging terrain while working on your own. When used with Clipex X™ fence® wire netting Clipex fence posts can be spaced further apart than traditional wooden fence posts reducing time and cost. Even the cost of machinery to transport Clipex fence posts and to erect them is reduced not only does this save you money, it also reduces your carbon footprint. In areas where land is protected the reduction in the use of heavy machinery and land disturbance while erecting the fence posts means overall ther is less damage to local biodiversity and environment.

Health and safety concerns are greatly reduced due to the nature of the product. The lighter weight of the posts means that there are less likely to be injuries due to lifting. Less people needed automatically lessens injury risks, as does not needing to work near heavy machinery. The lack of chemicals and preservatives on the posts as there would be on wooden posts means that there is no danger of long term damage by handling them. And there will be no leeching of chemicals, preservatives or plastics into soils, waterbodies, river systems and ultimately food chains.

Visually Clipex fence posts are very low impact. In areas of outstanding natural beauty, or of historical significance Clipex fencing is visually very unobtrusive and will easily run alongside the most beautiful stone wall or hedgerows without impacting on their visual appeal.

Clipex Eco Driver Sleeve