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The Batt-Latch is an automatic paddock opening device. The device allows the farmer to open the handle of the paddock by setting the opening times. The Batt-Latch is strapped to the post of the paddock the cows are grazing and then attached to the next paddock once finished and so on.

The Batt-Latch comes delivered with a free spring gate handle that can do 8m spans (visible in pictures), hot wire clip to clip lead which electrifies the spring gate, and a strap for strapping the Batt-Latch to a gate post. It is a portable timer that mechanically release the spring gate.  The rear of the Batt-Latch has a solar panel which charges the battery from the sun. The unit is fully waterproof and is made from durable plastic materials.

Timing is critical component in grazing management. Benefits of the Batt-Latch include

  • Reduced poaching damage caused by high stocking rate or wet soils.
  • Improved animal production as cows can be moved to next paddock or buffer in shed.
  • Reduced poaching caused by cows crowding together on a wet night.
  • Time saved waiting on cows to walk to parlour.
  • Reduced lameness as cows walk home at their own pace.
  • Reduced over grazing.
  • Improved grass growth due to less over grazing.



To allocate additional grass to the herd at a specific time the Batt-Latch will automatically open the gap and allow cows into fresh allocation of grass without the need for human intervention; reducing labour costs.

Controlling access to or from feeding area: Using a Batt-Latch to control access or release of the herd from a feeding area not only saves time by not having to be there, it can ensure all animals have equal opportunity to feed, or when released, equal opportunity to feed from the paddock they are released into.

Robotic Milking: In an A/B or a A/B/C grazing system the Batt-Latch offers the farmer the ability to allocate the next grazing area in a block. After the farmer has ensured all cows have passed into the next block the Batt-Latch can be activated to allow cows into the new grazing area. This affords the opportunity to be away from the AMS system for an extended amount of time.

Horses: The Batt-Latch has been successfully used with horses for releasing or allowing them access to pasture or hard feed allowing the owner to control the weight gain and condition of the animal. Horse owners also find the Batt-Latch useful as often they are ‘absentee owners’ for much of the time each day.