Ako S800 Solar Fencer


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The AKO Sun Power S 800 energizer is a powerful 230 volt power supply that is mainly operated with a 8 watt solar panel.

Our most powerful compact solar device can be used for normal fences with little vegetation. Can be used universally for all standard fences. Ideal for horse and cattle pastures, goats and chickens. The powerful AKO solar pasture device is optimized for maintenance-free continuous operation during the main pasture season.

Intelligent, modern battery management with deep discharge protection - device works even during long periods of bad weather.
Excellent efficiency - thus longer battery life very robust, weather-resistant, waterproof housing with handle.

Overview of AKO Sun Power S 800:

  • Electric fence solar device Sun Power S  800
  • ideal for very robust animals such as cattle, cats, chicken, dogs and horses
  • Battery 12 volt, 12 Ah
  • Solar panel 12 volts, 8 watts
  • Fence control LED and separate battery warning indicator
  • No expensive maintenance or follow-up costs thanks to solar power
  • Maintenance-free operation from spring to autumn!
  • High / low / off switch
  • Controlled microcontroller

integrated lightning protection

Quick and easy to install

Ako S800 Solar Fencer