Ako 5000 Mains


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  • Very effective 230 volt power supply
  • Can be used with medium to heavy vegetative growth
  • Designed for robust animal species such as cattle, sheep, horses, and for deterring wild boars and wolves

Extremely powerful 230 volt mains energisers

for very strong animals and for very long fences- even with vegetative growth

bright LED displays allow for easy visual monitoring of the current fence and device status at a glance

AKO Ni/N devices automatically adapt to the fence status, ensuring the highest protection certainty and making your work easier by reducing vegetation growth to a certain degree

Ni equipment: an alarm function continuously monitors the fence, triggering an alarm and slowing the pulse sequence if the fence is touched for a longer period

robust, impact-resistant, UV-resistant and weather-resistant housing thanks to the use of high-quality plastics

microprocessor controlled

integrated hanging device for wall mounting

corresponds to applicable EU safety standards

Ako 5000 Mains