225mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe


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Our 225mm fully perforated twinwall drainage pipe is ideal for land drainage and flood risk management projects. The small perforations in the pipe enable water to be collected and carried away to a soakaway, water course or surface/rainwater drainage system. 

An external corrugated wall is fused with an inner smooth wall to ensure strength and rigidity on the outside and efficient flow on the inside. The design, unlike traditional single-wall pipes prevents silt accumulation. 

CorriPipe™ packs are colour coded for easy identification of pipe type. Red: Fully Perforated Pipe, Yellow: Half Perforated Pipe and Green: Unperforated Pipe.

Key Features: 

  • Smooth internal wall prevents silt accumulation and provides increased flow rates. 

  • Lightweight when compared to traditional materials such as concrete or steel. Up to 90% lighter than concrete.    

  • Fully Leak tested to HAPAS requirements  when used with rubber seals.  

  • Standard 6m lengths make it quick and easy to install, eliminating wastage and reduces labour and plant costs. Up to 6 times faster installation compared to concrete.  

  • Fewer joints means quick and easy installation. 

  • SN8 strength. 

  • Couplers and seals can be purchased separately.

  • BBA, HAPAS Roads & Bridges Agreement Certificate No 02/H069. 

  • Easy to cut on site - reducing plant and labour costs. 

  • Elimination of waste compared to traditional pipe. 

  • Full range of fittings and accessories available. 

  • Can be installed in depths from 0.5 to 10m.* 

*Contact the team for guidance on minimum and maximum burial depths 

BBA Certification:

BBA Certification on 150 - 600Ømm pipe inclusive. Technical Specification - BBA HAPAS 02/H069 Product Sheet 1


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225mm Fully Perforated CorriPipe